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“Angela Irwin has been treating me with acupuncture and herbs for two years and has been a tremendous help in improving my health. She has unique qualities and talents that sets her apart from other practitioners. She takes extra steps to focus on details, insuring that she understands her patient's individual needs to provide the best treatment for them. It is rare to encounter such a caring & compassionate person. Her warm personality reflects her sincere desire to help people. Angela is exceptional and I would recommend her as an Acupuncture Physician to anyone.”


“I have been under the care of Dr. Irwin since December 2005. I came to her with an addiction to tobacco, a habit I had been trying to kick for a year. Like many people, I started smoking at a very young age, before I was aware of the effects. I smoked a pack a day for about 9 years. I quit for 3 months once with an over-the-counter product but after it wore off I began to have cravings again. I wanted cigarettes during stressful times, after meals, and when I had an alcoholic drink. These were the hardest times to get past the cravings. Soon, one or two cigarettes during these times turned into a pack a day again. I enjoyed smoking but at the same time I wanted to quit for good. I want to live a long healthy life so I got the stop smoking package that Dr. Irwin offers. I had my last cigarette in the car on the way to her office for my first treatment. I went home and threw away the remainder of my cigarettes, cleaned out my car, & got rid of all the ashtrays. I used the Stop Smoking Tea at times when I had strong cravings & continued to have 9 more treatments, once per week. Each week the cravings got less & less and I started feeling better & better. Soon I was done with the treatments & I was a non-smoker! In April 2006 I had a stressful patch in my life & felt that I started to have a craving here & there so I had a tune-up treatment and I've been great ever since. With the help of Dr. Irwin I have learned how to deal with my stress in a healthy way & my life has become more balanced. Thank you, Dr. Irwin, for giving me a second chance at a healthy life.”


“Angela has a way of making people feel comfortable and cared for. She really listens and is very thorough. I highly recommend her, even if you have never tried acupuncture.”




“Angela Irwin is an excellent practitioner. I always receive outstanding treatment from her. She is very attuned to my needs and tailors every session for the results I am seeking. I am comfortable with her suggestions, because I know she has my best interests in mind. I would recommend Angela very highly.”




“I would recommend Angela Irwin to anyone. She is very sensitive to the needs of her patients. I am always put at ease in her care. The acupuncture itself is comfortable and effective. I leave feeling very relaxed (which is my goal)! She is very knowledgeable and can help with various conditions that cannot be relieved through traditional medicine.”




 “I found Angela to be very caring, knowledgeable and professional. The office is very peaceful and relaxing. Will definitely refer her to my friends and family. “


"I’m so thankful I was recommended to Irwin Acupuncture two years ago. Since then Dr. Irwin has helped me tackle hormonal issues, anxiety/stress and currently TMJ with acupuncture. It’s really incredible the positive effects acupuncture and cupping has had on my body. Within the first treatment I could tell a difference with my ailments. I really appreciate how kind and thorough Dr. Irwin is at discussing my issues and explaining the acupuncture process. She really goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, and she is very easy to talk too. I highly recommend Dr. Irwin if you are looking for an acupuncturist that has a great vibe and if you need help elevating your health."


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